Symmetry Ryoho Technique Course

The Symmetry Ryoho class is designed for therapists of all levels and non-therapists alike.

No special knowledge or expertise is required to learn and use Symmetry Ryoho.

Although experience as a therapist is useful, it is not a prerequisite for this class.

Symmetry Ryoho is a gentle art of Japanese manual therapy. It is a safe, gentle and noninvasive modality that originates in Japan. It was created in 1973 by a Japanese Master Therapist as a way to gently balance and realign the patient’s body.

This is the first time that this technique has become available for students to learn outside of Japan.

During a Symmetry Ryoho therapy session, the therapist evaluates the client’s physical posture and alignment, uses gentle touch and manipulation to engage the body’s innate systems to improve overall physical alignment, then reassesses the posture and alignment. This process continues until the body reaches optimal alignment for that session.

Usually this process takes from 15 to 30 minutes.

When finished, clients often report feeling taller and straighter, more vitalized and rejuvenated, as well as relaxed.

In clients who experience pain, soreness and mobility issues, those symptoms are often partially or completely relieved as body alignment improves.

Clients with chronic issues like scoliosis often report straighter bodies, better movement, and improved overall health.

Other acute and chronic health problems tend to improve as well, since straightening the whole body improves breathing and blood flow, which provides all the cells with the necessary oxygen and nutrients.


  • It is a gentle, noninvasive therapy that uses the body’s innate systems to improve overall physical alignment.
  • Alignment of the spine, as well as of the entire body, tends to be cumulative and long-lasting and often translates into multiple benefits:
  • Better posture
  • Improved blood flow and more efficient breathing
  • Reduction or elimination of pain and discomfort
  • Easier and more fluid movement
  • Active people and athletes have better performance and endurance, as well as reduced recovery time
  • Over time, with regular treatment, clients often develop a more conscious and gentle relationship with their own body, which tends to lead to better overall health and personal satisfaction.
  • Better alignment reduces stress, which is very important for overall mental, emotional and physical health.


  • Many practitioners of the Symmetry Ryoho technique are osteopaths and chiropractors who have chosen to use it exclusively because of its gentleness, safety and effectiveness.
  • It does not require specific prior knowledge or experience to learn and use the technique effectively.
  • It can be used in multiple ways: on massage tables, chairs, floors, hospital beds, and so on. Wherever there is a place to sit or lie down, it can be used.
  • It requires minimal to no preparation to do a treatment.
  • It is done with the client fully clothed. Not having to change clothes saves time and is great for clients who prefer not to disrobe.
  • It can be used alone or in combination with other therapies.

In order to become a certified Symmetry Ryoho practitioner, it is necessary to complete a program comprised of four levels:

Level 1

The focus in this level is on:

  • Learning basic evaluation of the client’s body alignment by examining the neck and shoulders, as well as other specialized ways of checking
  • Learning techniques to improve body alignment by manipulating the client’s ankles and legs.

The following will also be covered:

  • The theory, history and practice of Symmetry Ryoho
  • How to do a stand-alone treatment and how to use Symmetry Ryoho with other therapies
  • Sufficient time is provided in the class for practice, so that students can complete it with confidence in their ability to do Symmetry Ryoho treatments.
  • There is no prerequisite to attend the first level.

In each of the three subsequent levels, students learn new techniques that build on what they have previously learned.
Therefore, the prerequisite to attending a higher level class is to complete the previous ones.

Level 2

The focus in this level is on:

  • Learning new techniques for evaluating the client’s body alignment using the client’s feet and scapulas
  • Learning techniques to improve body alignment by manipulating the client’s arms and elbows.

 Level 3

The focus in this level is on:

  • Learning how to evaluate body alignment by checking the spine
  • Learning new techniques to improve body alignment by manipulating the client’s wrists and feet.

Level 4

The focus in this level is on:

  • Learning and applying techniques to evaluate and improve body alignment of clients who are seated.

The techniques are similar to those previously learned, but adapted to the new position.
These are very useful for clients who cannot lie down on a bodywork table or floor and when a therapy table is not available.

In each level, there will be ample time to practice the newly learned techniques, and to integrate them with techniques learned in previous levels.

Due to the long distance of almost 9000 km that separates Romania from Japan, teaching of each level will be done once every 3-4 months and, from time to time, intermediate online meetings for questions and answers will be scheduled.

After completion of Level 4, students may choose to receive a Symmetry Ryoho Practitioner Certificate issued by the International Symmetry Ryoho Center and BioFocus Center, by successfully passing an online examination.


  • It is important that fingernails are cut short
  • Comfortable clothes: preferably loose trousers like sweatpants or training pants without a belt, and a T-shirt
  • Please do not wear dresses, skirts or blouses to class. T-shirts are highly recommended.
  • Wear as little jewelry as possible and only jewelry that can be removed.
  • Please wear socks. We will be working with the feet quite a bit.


  • Two hand towels: one of them will be for you to place your face and head on. The other will be used to make a practice prop during the class.
  • A large bath towel
  • A pair of socks with a 90° angle at the heel. These socks will also be used to make practice props. They are in addition to the ones you wear on your feet
  • Indoor footwear like slippers
  • Notebook and pen
  • If desired, food for your lunch break
Formator tehnica Symmetry Ryoho

Andrew Dwayne Ja Quenex

Symmetry Ryoho Technical Trainer
Andrew Dwayne Ja Quenex

I was born in the United States, and from a very early age was drawn to Asian culture. This led me to study Reiki, which I continued, eventually becoming a Reiki Master 35 years ago.
I practice and teach Reiki in the United States, Europe and Japan.
For 25 years I have been living in Japan where I initially came to study and deepen my understanding of Reiki and the Japanese language.
Working as a therapist in an orthopedic clinic, as a Japanese-speaking foreigner, I have come into contact with many techniques developed in Japan, totally unknown to the outside world.
This is how I had the unique chance to be accepted as a student by Mr. Yoshihiro Yamaguchi, the Grand Master and head of the Symmetry Ryoho method.
I quickly fell in love with this therapy due to its great efficiency in gently aligning the body in a short time.
In 2012 I visited Romania for the first time and felt a very strong kinship to the many friendly people that I met. Since then, I visit Romania regularly and have patients here whom I treat with Symmetry Ryoho.
In 2017 I founded the Symmetry Ryoho International Center, to facilitate the spread of the technique outside of Japan.
I am the only non-Japanese practicing and teaching Symmetry Ryoho.
I am very happy to announce that Romania is the first country outside of Japan where I will teach this unique and effective technique.

„Personally for me, Dwayne Andrew’s therapy came at a time when I was in great need. I was recovering from an ankle injury that resulted in three surgeries in eight months. I enjoyed three Symmetry Ryoho therapy sessions. While the therapy was taking place, I felt my energetic field balance, improved flexibility not only in the ankle area but also in the whole body, emotional-mental calming, physical stability and even improved general health. A short time after that, I had the opportunity to experience distance therapy. Being a fairly sensitive person, I connected with Andrew quite easily and felt the effects of the therapy very intensely. Those who question the effectiveness of remote therapy have surely not tried this therapy yet. It is quite profound. You can be helped this way too.

From the bottom of my heart, I can tell you that this way of healing is very helpful, having been rescued many times. The effects are immediate. Forgive me for repeating myself, but I maintain with conviction that Symmetry Ryoho therapy, which Andrew practices and teaches with great dedication, can be used with confidence to effectively treat many conditions.”

Mariana Irimia, Ayurveda Lecturer, Maramureș

LEVEL 1:    February  10 -11  2024

LEVEL 2:    February  17 -18  2024

Schedule:       10:00 – 18:00

ONLINE MEETING  WITH ANDREW FOR PRACTICE AND Q/A:    19th of January 2024,     Price: 150 lei

Schedule:       15:00 – 18:00

For better organization, reservation is based on advance payment.

If you want to find out about other similar events we organize, click here or call us at 0773733114.

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Fee: 1500 lei / level

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